Sep 20, 2021

Trouble staffing clinic? Automated Medical Software is here!

Did you know? 80% of staffing problems can be solved by using automation and workflow systems. If you’re having trouble finding staff to help run your clinic, we can help by integrating our Automated Medical Software!

Sep 27, 2021

How Ad Vital Decreases Mistakes In Your EMR

Even though you may no longer be handwriting patient information, mistakes and errors can be made in EMR, and issues can arise during transfer. That’s where we come in. Our Automated Medical CRM platform can help you reduce errors, save time and welcome more patients to your practice than ever before.

Oct 14, 2021

Why a HIPAA Compliant CRM is Essential For EMR Transfer

If you’re not concerned or prioritizing HIPAA Compliance laws on your website or your CRM, you could be walking a thin line of fines and legal action.

Oct 20, 2021

How Ad Vital Eliminates Plugins in One Central Medical CRM

If you’re running a busy surgical practice, how do you ensure that you keep bringing in client after client? You most likely don’t have the hours in the day to spare running your website and appointments as efficiently as possible.

Nov 9, 2021

4 Reasons Positive Patient Reviews are Important

Here at Ad Vital, we want your practice to flourish. Positive reviews can help you boost your business and bring in more clients. How? Here are a few reasons why positive reviews are essential to your practice!

Nov 16, 2021

How Ad Vital Can Benefit Your Plastic Surgery Practice

Here at Ad Vital, we know a thing or two about helping surgeons boost their practice. How? Because our all-in-one central solution was built by surgeons for surgeons. Here’s how we can benefit your plastic surgery practice.

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